Design and Functionality

SKF Aeroengine is a state-of-the-art manufacturing company that utilizes advanced technology for the production of bearings and bearing housings for jet engines.  The production of these parts requires exacting precision and a facility that allows numerous high end processes to take place simultaneously and in an efficient manner.

McGuire Development Company worked hand-in-hand with SKF Aeroengine’s engineering firm to create a facility that is located next to their current manufacturing plant.  McGuire Development created a facility that could accommodate the level of sophistication required and meet SKF’s high standards.


The SKF Aeroengine Heat Treatment Facility and Office received LEED® Silver certification.  Energy efficient initiatives for the construction included:

  • Reducing electrical consumption by installing a more efficient heating and cooling system
  • Utilizing mechanical systems designed to conserve water
  • Maximizing thermal resistance with a high R-value
  • Utilizing low emitting vapor products (LEVs)
  • Installing high efficiency windows

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